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Traveling to Ethiopia is an enriching experience whereby the visitors encounter an unforgettable land endowed in history and culture dating about 3000 years. The visitors who come to Ethiopia are obviously amazed by historical heritages, natural beauty of its landscape, monuments and ruins, thatched roof and rock-hewn churches and mosques, diverse culture of its nation/nationalities, monolithic stele, more than 80 ethnic groups, rivers and waterfalls, chain of mountains, rift valley lakes, unique flora and fauna.
Ateetee Travel and Tour wants to explore these opportunities of Ethiopia’s unique and numerous natural and historical features that could be considered as niche for tourist attraction by providing hospitable services for the tourists.

What is Ateetee?

The name Ateetee represents a cultural song of Oromo women in Ethiopia, which is performed in assembly by taking a stick known as Sinqee with them, as ritual to pray for GOD during bad occurrences like prolonged drought; to inspire peace, prosperity, health, multiplicity of cattle and safe journey for travelers.
It also reflects women’s collective decision making power and empowerment in the community as they use to pass major decisions affecting the community by putting sanction against someone who has bitten his wife or who attacked other women illegally or who violates certain community norms. It is also used for blessing someone when they come together for Ateetee. There is a firm respect for women during Ateetee in Ethiopia, especially in Oromo community to the extent that when women singing Ateetee go to war front and intervene in the war to make peace that war should stop immediately and start peaceful reconciliation due to the respect and power of Ateetee women to make peace.
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